Tips for Father-To-Be

A generation or two ago, pregnancy was entirely the woman's problem- but things have changed drastically now, with fathers taking an active part in the pregnancy. So now its not a couple with the wife saying "I'm pregnant" but the couple saying "Yes, we are pregnant". Since the father's to be don't really undergo any physical changes, they very often feel left out and helpless. So here are a few tips to change that.

  • Go for all the gynecologists appointments with your wife.
  • Learn about pregnancy through friends and their experiences, through books and of course your wife.
  • Get to know your baby- talk to it, wait to feel its movements with your hand or a cheek on your wife's abdomen.
  • Discuss your wife's feelings with her constantly.
  • Fear of losing out on your sex life - there are restrictions in the first three and last two months, so don't make it an issue to stress you out. Occasional intercourse even in the times of restriction will not do much harm.
  • Mood swings- your wife (definitely) and even you occasionally may experience mood swings especially those of depression. The best thing to do is to discuss it out with your wife. This doesn't leave room for quarrels and misunderstandings.
  • It is natural for you to be anxious about your wife's health, but relax. As long as she is in the hands of a professional, she will be fine. Anxious about changes in life after the baby?? Life certainly changes after the baby but always for the better as long as you feel that way. Certain restrictions do come about in the early stages but these can be worked out so that both of you enjoy a happy social and domestic life.
  • "Will I be a good father?" There are no preset norms of good and bad, but if you are so concerned you already a good father. So do what you feel is good and right for your baby.
  • Help your wife with small things like nappy changing, preparing the milk, her exercises and of course housework.
  • Your relationship with your wife- "Will it change?" Of course, but only for the better because now you share another life together. So don't stop communicating and talk out your fears and problems. You will realize that a baby is a magical gift to strengthen your bond as man and wife.

So Good Luck! You're gonna be a daddy!